Experience has taught us the importance of the relationship with the territory, from which the wine acquires the main characteristics.

To a generous nature and adds to the experience of the work: from controls on the plants, on the quality of the grapes harvested, produced with balanced yields per hectare, up to the use of the most modern technologies in production.

The grapes of our wines come from three areas of Veneto.

Garganega, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are grown in vineyards located between the Province of Vicenza and the province of Verona, in Val D'Alpone. The soil is mainly composed of basalt and earthy tuffs of volcanic origin, ideal for the production of white wines.

With the grapes of these vineyards we produce our CAMPETO, a mineral wine, savory, fresh, and the MASSÈ, an elegant and structured wine.

Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot are grown in vineyards located in two geographical areas. The grapes of SOOL ROSSO come from vineyards located in the Province of Treviso, between the municipalities of Tezze di Piave and Motta di Livenza, where the soil is ideal for producing wines of medium body and pleasant to drink.

The grapes of the PRIALE come from a vineyard in the Berici Hills in the province of Vicenza, from a clayey - calcareous soil, ideal for producing wines to be enjoyed, rich in body and power.



In our Veneto, wine is not just a pleasure. It is a tradition.

A tradition that also belongs to our family since, in 1876, Giacomo Frigo decided to produce wine for himself and his friends.

Since then, we have remained tied to this passion.

Grapes are nature, originality.

Our wine respects this principle. A natural product that does not need to show muscles to get noticed. A fresh, fragrant wine that can give to those who drink it the consistency of a genuine pleasure, as it has always been for our family.

Tradition and innovation are the strength of our Veneto. Courage and commitment are the values of our family.

All of this is contained in the bottles we produce and that we have decided to share with you.



BRUT frigo cornedo vicentino vicenza vin
CAMPETO frigo cornedo vicentino vicenza
PRIALEfrigo cornedo vicentino vicenza vi
SOL ROSSO frigo cornedo vicentino vicenz
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