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Our History

More than 100 years of wine making

As you already know, each wine is the result of a story. Its origins, from where it was born and of the lands that generated it and the men who produced it.

In Veneto wine is not just a pleasure;  it's a tradition.

A tradition that has been in our family since, in 1876, our Great-grandfather Giacomo Frigo started producing wine.

The company has grown considerably since then. 

Now Domenico Frigo, enologist and entrepreneur, looks to the future with ambitions for a project where he combines the past with experience and unites it with innovation. The wines we produce are the result of this philosophy: only the best from these lands we love. Natural, fresh and fragrant wines, which know how to give those who drink them a dependable genuine pleasure. Courage and commitment are the values ​​of our family. This is all contained in the bottles we produce and which we have decided to share with you.

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