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The name is dedicated to our history, 02 was the telephone number of the family business when, in the early 1900s, technology made it possible to overcome the obstacle of distance.

This quality sparkling wine is produced with selected Chardonnay grapes following a Long Charmat method.

After a soft pressing of the grapes, the must ferments at a controlled temperature.

The sparkling wine obtained takes place in an autoclave at a low temperature and the characterization of the product is obtained thanks to the long stay on the lees for a period of 8 months after the second fermentation.

Straw yellow in color, fine and persistent perlage, fine aromas of fruit, bread crust and Mediterranean spices, dry, harmonious and elegant flavor.

Excellent as an aperitif wine, it accompanies fish dishes, crudités and shellfish.

It is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 6 ° C.

ZERODUE - Chardonnay Spumante Brut

  • What's IN THE GLASS

    With its pale golden yellow color and a fine, persistent perlage.

    There are fine aromas of fruit, bread crust and Mediterranean spices

    His is a dry, harmonious and elegant flavor.

scarica la scheda tecnica di questo vino

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