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It is produced with hand-picked Garganega grapes, placed in special boxes and left to dry out for about 4 months. After pressing, the must is fermented in steel tanks and then aged in vats. Golden yellow in colour, aromas of honey, candied fruit, citrus and apricot, it has a sweet and delicate flavour. Excellent as a dessert wine to accompany dry desserts and blue cheeses. It can also be drunk alone, as a wine to accompany meditation. 0.5 L bottles. It is recommended to be served between 12-14 °.

GRELE - Passito Bianco Veneto IGT


    Ha un colore giallo dai riflessi dorati.

    Si sentono avvolgenti profumi di miele, frutta candita, agrumi e albicocca.

    Il sapore in bocca è dolce e delicato.


    Gradazione alcolica: 14,5% vol

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